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Is it hot enough yet to start my Christmas knitting?

So it's 39 degrees outside today and I'm crocheting wine jar jumpers. Yes you heard that right

Demi jon jumpers to keep the wine warm. Well anyway I grabbed the first ball of scrap yarn to hand....bright Christmas red and set to work out the pattern and design. When I had finished the prototype I though it looked like Santa just needed a black belt and silver buckle...... now what does your friendly yarn shop owner to when the shop is quiet... she gets creative.

so we ow have Santa, angel, Rudolph, gingerbread man and today I'm creating a Christmas tree. Using the Stylecraft special DK range in over 100 colours I got colourful and creative.

I should be finishing off some items for the Southern Wool show we will be at in early September but as most of you crafters know we very rarely stick to one project at a time!!!! Apparently that is a sign of a creative mind. And that is the excuse I'm sticking with for now.

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