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Our support to Charities

We have a wonderful supportive group of customers who like to knit and crochet for charity.  We support a number of charities both in the UK and Overseas, take a peek at some of the stuff we get up to.....



We have connections with a small rural village in the upper Volta Region and with Venture Force UK have supported in the making of an orphanage in the village as well as a bakery on the site.

My youngest daughter went out four years ago and spent her time making mud bricks for another room, and I'm going soon but instead of making mud bricks I'm going to teach the kids and some village ladies to crochet so they can make their own blankets etc.  I very much believe in trade not aid and will happily trade some skills for some weaving lessons.

Warm Baby Project

This is a charity that helps UK hospitals and overseas countries. One of their latest great ideas is sending parcels of baby clothes and blankets out to Uganda to encourage young mums to bring babies in for inoculations they are given a blanket, jacket and toy.

There are many ways to support this charity, you can knit and donate, or pay for a shipping parcel cost or you can pay for some yarn which then can be used by knitters and crocheters

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Royal Berkshire  and Great Western hospitals

We get appeals on occasion for things like dignity shawls for the dementia wards, preemie size clothes for the little ones in NIC and other odds and sods for fund raising.

So if you have time to knit or crochet for charity we can help get it to those who will benefit from it

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